Dr. David Meya named Honored International Academician

Congratulations go out to Dr. David B Meya who has been awarded an honorary international academician award from the University of Minnesota’s Global Programs and Strategy Alliance.

Dr. Meya is a post-doctorate fellow at the Infectious Diseases Institute, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Medicine at Makerere University (MU) and Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota (MN) Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine.

Essentially, this award recognizes Dr. Meya’s contribution to the University of Minnesota in cascading and fostering University of Minnesota’s international education and research mission.

For over a decade, Dr. Meya has been instrumental in leading faculty collaboration between the University of Minnesota and Makerere University on research projects, coordinating international student visits/study abroad student initiatives at the University of Minnesota and or other activities that serve both universities.

As the co-chair for the University of Minnesota – Uganda Partnership group which houses the “Uganda Hub”: a platform to address pressing global health challenges, Dr. Meya has facilitated key stakeholder involvement and participation. His advocacy and commitment have resulted in improved engagement and collaboration between both higher learning institutions and has significantly contributed to the Hub’s success.

As a post-doctorate research fellow at IDI-Makerere Dr. Meya’s research focuses on HIV and infectious diseases. His global health research experience continues to notably shape the Uganda Research Training Collaborative (URTC) program, which facilitates student acquisition of hands-on experience in global health research through the mentorship of faculty members from both the University of Minnesota and Makerere University.

Once more, we heartily congratulate Dr. Meya for his dedication and contribution to shaping future researchers globally.