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The mission of the Infectious Diseases Institute (IDI) is to strengthen health systems in Africa, with strong emphasis on infectious diseases, through research and capacity development. IDI has five operational areas through which it works to achieve its mission: Prevention, Care and Treatment; Training, Research and Laboratory services (provided through a partnership with the Makerere University-Johns Hopkins University Core Lab) and Outreach..

List of Posted Jobs

The Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact (‘The Academy’) is one of the projects housed within the IDI. The Academy’s mission is to improve health outcomes through innovations in clinical care, capacity building, systems strengthening and research, which inform policy and practice, with a strong emphasis on HIV and TB. The Academy manages funding for projects in clinical development, operational research and capacity building as well developing a pipeline of new innovations. In this role, the Academy Deputy Director will work with the Academy Director to oversee the clinical and scientific aspects of the Ugandan Academy for Health Innovation and Impact. He/she is responsible for co-ordination of clinical and research aspects of Academy supported projects (both within IDI and with sub-granted partners) among other roles detailed in the job description. All interested candidates should apply by August 31, 2018

Administrative Assistant -ECSACOP

IDI works with a number of partners like the East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACOP). Founded by physicians in the ECSA region in 2015, ECSACOP is a professional membership body that is rewriting the way in which postgraduate medical education is delivered and assessed in East, Central and Southern Africa. Employing the apprenticeship model, and with a common curriculum and standardized training methodologies, our postgraduate medical qualification will be accepted as gold standard throughout the region.

This is a ‘College without Walls’, with faculty from a multitude of nations learning and developing together, sharing experience, and refining curricula for the emerging cadre of physicians that will go on to lead health systems across the region.

ECSACOP is currently incubated at the Infectious Disease Institute within its Strategic Planning and Development Department. In order to achieve the above, ECSACOP wishes to recruit an Administrative Assistant. All interested candidates should apply by August 23, 2018