IntegratedTB/HIV Clinic

TB is the most common infectious cause of death in HIV/TB co-infected patients world over. Internationally, there are recommendations to integrate HIV care with other routine health care services. At IDI, one of the services successfully integrated in HIV care is TB treatment.
Until late 2008, most IDI TB patients were referred to the TB ward in old Mulago, with a few accessing TB treatment from IDI. A quick review of TB care services initially by a small team of members in 2007 sighted a number of problems:

  • High proportion of HIV/TB co-infected patients defaulted on TB treatment (29%)
  • 1/5 of patients with pulmonary TB were missing a diagnostic sputum smear
  • The effectiveness of TB treatment through sputum results was being monitored just for a low proportion of patients
  • Patients with TB were spending the same or longer time in the IDI premises as non-TB patients

A) TB working group formation
The goals of the working group were:

  • Decrease TB treatment default rate
  • Standardise TB diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
  • Improve onTB infection prevention


  • Development of TB forms for diagnosis, treatment initiation and follow-up
  • New Standard Operating Procedures
  • An outdoor TB/HIV clinic was established in December 2008

Integration of TB services has led to reduced mortality and results have been published in the international scientific press.